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Steve DeAngelo: One Plant, One People

Steve De Angelo: One Plant, One People

“The underground tribes who have carried this plant through the long and dark years of prohibition. The dreadlock warriors, the wise earth mothers and the radical fairies, and the revolutionaries, all the underground tribes who for decades and decades have nurtured this plant, we gave her a home when nobody else would. We protected her, we watched her grow and develop, we fought ferociously for her inspiration, and we suffered to do that-in ways I don’t think most people who are entering the industry can even begin to grasp. We made some of the biggest sacrifices humans can take, we took the biggest risks. We had our property seized, our bank accounts seized, we had our kids seized. We’ve been arrested, we’ve been put on trial and locked up in jail and torn away from the people that we love. Families have been destroyed, people’s health has been ruined—people have even died. Fortunes and lives and families, many many many many have been lost carrying this plant to the place we’re...

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