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Spark the Conversation with Bianca Green

Spark The Conversation With Bianca Green

Spark the Conversation is a national nonprofit education and awareness campaign that is aiming to change the social stigma of cannabis and its consumers—a subject that we are very passionate about here at DOPE. But what makes Spark unique is the way it goes about its mission. Spark won’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Instead, Spark’s goal is to inform and educate you to make your own decisions. In fact, that’s the campaign’s entire goal, to promote personal freedom.To get a better idea about how Spark the Conversation works, we interviewed Bianca Green, the founder of SparktheConversation.organd one of the most recognized executives in cannabis media. Bianca is an advocate, entrepreneur and the Executive Producer of the documentary, The Culture High. She started Spark the Conversation in 2014, after being in the center of cannabis media for almost 12 years. She felt that it was time to start having real conversations about cannabis—out from behind closed doors—and...

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