Six Bills Take Aim at Marijuana Decriminalization in Texas

Six Bills Take Aim At Marijuana Decriminalization In Texas

The most important of which is House Bill 81.Texans have long understood their paradoxical role in American history. Generally speaking, they’re a wild and crazy bunch that embrace a culture of hard work, beer, and the raw power of being well armed. Hoping to modify that optic, at least in regards to marijuana reform, more than a few legislators in the Lone Star State are now feeling it’s time for some meaningful legislation.That’s right ladies and gentlemen, just seven short days after California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts, passed their recreational marijuana ballot initiatives, some lawmakers from the border state of Texas are looking to provide cover for their constituents who choose to fire up.Current Texas Marijuana PenaltiesAs it currently stands, Texas maintains the following penalties for marijuana possession:OffensePenaltyIncarcerationMax. FinePossession2 oz or lessMisdemeanor180 days$ 2,0002 – 4 ozMisdemeanor1 year$ 4,0004 oz to 5 lbsFelony180 days* – 2 years$...

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