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Should Medical And Recreational Cannabis Markets Coexist?

Think of the 4-year-old who suffers from seizures. Think of the 17-year-old who is diagnosed with cancer. Think of the 21-year-old who battles lupus and has a limited income. These are the people the medical cannabis market is designed for. These are the people Tucker Eldridge, general manager of Nature’s Herbs and Wellness in Colorado, is thinking about when pondering whether or not a medical system is needed when recreational use is legal. As of now, around 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis in one form or another. Only a handful of those states have also legalized it recreationally. So when Eldridge—who’s been working in cannabis before and after Colorado legalized—is asked, “Is there a need for both medical and recreational markets? Can these parallel systems coexist?” his answer is yes and yes. But how the medical and recreational markets actually coexist differs from state to state. A good example is examining Colorado and Washington, the first two...

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