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Should Marijuana Possession Cause Loss of Driving Privileges?

Should Marijuana Possession Cause Loss Of Driving Privileges?

Virginia lawmakers are pushing a piece of modest marijuana reform this session that would eliminate the possibility of a person losing their driver’s license based on a conviction for marijuana possession. According to a report from Capital News Service, there has been some action in the House and Senate to eliminate that pesky portion of the state’s current law that insists a person should not be allowed the privilege of operating a motor vehicle if they happen to get busted holding a little weed. Last week, in a vote of 38-to-2, the Senate approved a measure supported by Democratic Senator Adam Ebbin and Republican Senator Bill Stanley intended to change this portion of the law. A House version of the bill, filed by Delegate Les Adams, also made some progress—successfully finding its way out of meeting with a leading subcommittee. It is no secret that Virginia has some of the most severe pot laws in the nation. First offenders caught with less than a half ounce of the herb can be...

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