Seattle to Erase Misdemeanor Cannabis Convictions

Seattle To Erase Misdemeanor Cannabis Convictions

On the heels of similar moves in California and Colorado, officials in Seattle announced Thursday morning that the city will move to vacate hundreds of misdemeanor convictions for cannabis possession. Thousands more across Washington could see relief if state and county officials take similar steps.

Roughly 500 criminal convictions could be erased as the result of the actions by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes, the city says. That, however, is just a small sliver of the tens of thousands of individuals convicted of possession in the years before the state legalized. In a statement, Durkan called the effort “a necessary first step of righting the wrongs of the past.” RELATED STORYCalifornia Is Still Arresting Too Many People of Color for Cannabis “Addressing decades of unjust convictions – and particularly the damage wrought on communities of color – won’t happen overnight,” she said. “We must provide more effective alternatives to prosecution and...

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