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Rohan Marley: Activate the People Connected to the Source

Rohan Marley: Activate The People Connected To The Source

Humankind has an intricate connection with cannabis. The plant has finally reached its full potential as a vehicle for activation of the people. These are the thoughts of Rohan Marley. “As you evolve, your purpose becomes greater and you start to overstand the principles of the herb,” Marley wrote at the start of the family’s new magazine, Marley Natural. “It’s an experience you have within yourself.” While Bob Marley and his family have utilized the plant for meditation and mood elevation, it has unfortunately been hiding in the shadows of stigma for most of the world. They believe those veils have been lifted, the barriers broken; it is time for all to shine a respectable light on the plant, its reputation, and its growers. Following much consideration, the family’s mission grew clear. Create a tribute toke, fitting enough for their husband and father. The family created Marley Natural, a line of strains and products that promote aspects of sustainability. The premium products...

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