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Reynosa Shoot-Outs: Death Throes of Gulf Cartel?

Reynosa Shoot Outs: Death Throes Of Gulf Cartel?

Mexico’s northeastern border state of Tamaulipas—just across from Texas’ Gulf Coast—has, for years, been engulfed in an under-reported war, as the Gulf Cartel and its rogue offspring the Zetas battle for dominance over the narco-trafficking“plaza”(zone of control). The current flare-up in the border town of Reynosa may signal a turning point. Street gun battles have become so common in the town that authorities have instituted a color-coded alert system to warn citizens. The town has been on “red alert” repeatedly over the past days, and there are signs that the long struggle is entering an endgame. A report onMexico News Dailysuggests that this time, rival cells of the Gulf Cartel are battling each other for control after the death of the organization’s top boss in the state last month.Juan Manuel Loisa, AKA “El Comandante Toro,”was killed in a shoot-out with an army patrol after his car tried to run a checkpoint last month. In response, his followers threw up their own blockades...

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