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Products We Love: Your Cannabis Beach Guide

Products We Love: Your Cannabis Beach Guide

Products We Love Your Cannabis Beach Guide

**Cannabis provided by Cultivar Syndicate Cannabis and grinder provided by Leafly**

Happy Kit Finding yourself in the presence of a Happy Kit is definitely reason enough to make you smile. Complete with a grinder, pipe and an array of rolling accessories—your smoking game is on point for on-the-go occasions.


Sploofy The smell of cannabis smoke isn’t for everyone. In fact, depending on where you exhale, you could find yourself in some hot water. Introducing Sploofy—your perfectly portable and rather powerful personal smoke filter. @sploofy_brand

Kush Candles Bottom line, this line of cannabis scented candles provides impeccable scents and a stylish addition to any room. OG Kush, Blue Dream—the list of strains and smells goes on and on for aromatic options. @kush_candles

710 Parchment Handling the gooey mess of texture that cannabis concentrate often finds itself in can get...

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