Power Plant: Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump and the Future of Legal Cannabis in the USA

Power Plant: Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump And The Future Of Legal Cannabis In The Usa

CANNABIS CULTURE- The future of cannabis in America hangs in limbo, much like the career of reefer madness 2.0 proponent Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Now, as he and President Trump fuel headlines, the question many cannabis patients are left asking is, “What will happen next?” In the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, many in and out of the marijuana circle believed that Donald Trump might be the best candidate for legalization. Despite the fears and concerns they may have had otherwise, they believed Trump could be the flag bearer for cannabis legalization. In March 2016, Merry Jane wrote that “Regardless of my inner struggle with accepting the impending reality of Trump as the 45th POTUS and The Running Man neo-cyberpunk society that will emerge, there’s one existential fact that remains. If you want marijuana legalized, Donald Trump is your best option this November.” Motley Fool and others cited Trump’s approach to states determining marijuana legalization, much like...

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