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Pokemon Go Pokemon No: The Cultural Game-Changer

Pokemon Go Pokemon No: The Cultural Game Changer

Pokemon Go Pokemon No: The Cultural Game-Changer Every now and again, a game becomes a cultural game-changer. In the case of the Pokémon Go phenomenon, it has officially placed the concept of augmented reality front, center and in the face of our collective consciousness. It is important to note that augmented reality games are far from new. Ingress—the 2012 game that has the same developer as Pokémon Go—is more or less the foundation for this new craze. While Ingress has many devoted followers across the globe, it is the immensity of the Pokémon platform that has placed augmented reality in front of the masses.

The theory of augmented reality can be difficult to wrap your head around. In the case of Pokémon Go, this is achieved by revealing a previously unseen layer to the world via your smartphone. Through the lens of your magical handheld device and its associated functionality, everywhere from city streets to iconic landmarks become littered with Pokémon. Now, “catching ‘em...

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