On the Road With the Aero Inhaler

On The Road With The Aero Inhaler

When it comes to discretion, cannabis consumers are a savvy bunch. While evolving laws mean that we generally don’t have to duck behind bleachers anymore, plenty of us keep a one-hitter in our lineup of smoking gear for those times when we just need to step around the corner for a moment.

As marijuana gets more mainstream, consumers are looking for new ways to take a toke without advertising it. After all, who wants to have to put a conversation on hold just to sneak a quick puff? The Aero Inhaler makes taking a puff or two of cannabis on the go more discreet than ever. (Leafly) In response to that demand, stealthy, concentrate-focused solutions like oil pens and wax vaporizers are marching steadily into the market. But even the lowest-profile among them results in the exhalation of conspicuous clouds. The latest alternative to lighting up, though, isn’t a new technology, but a clever application of an existing one. The Aero Inhaler from R2 Aerosols looks like a typical inhaler—...

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