New Haven, Connecticut Had 14 Synthetic Cannabis Overdoses on 4th of July

New Haven, Connecticut Had 14 Synthetic Cannabis Overdoses On 4th Of July

Officials in New Haven, Connecticut have reported that the city experienced 14 overdoses from synthetic cannabis during the Fourth of July holiday.New Haven Emergency operations director Rick Fontana told local media that paramedics responded to two clusters of calls. “We had a spat of, we’ll call it acannabis-laced product, that caused 11 about overdoses in a short period and then we had an additional three over another two to three hour period,” Fontana said. Victims Displayed Erratic Behavior Fontana said that many of the overdose victims were behaving erratically when paramedics arrived. “Some of them are actually acting strangely, some of them are banging into the ground, some of them are laying on the ground. Some of them appear to be not responsive, but they are responsive,” he said.

Many of the overdoses occurred at a city park known as New Haven Green. Emergency personnel also responded to additional calls for service in the vicinity of Edgerton Park. Fontana told High...

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