Mind Rite

MindRite Involvement Through Community Amongst the trees on the corner of 18th and Marshall in Portland, Oregon, resides an illuminated canary yellow cannabis dispensary called MindRite. Walking through the doors you are instantly greeted with a warm smile. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely excited to be there. Whether you’re there recreationally or as a medical patient, MindRite has you covered with their extensive selection of high quality products. Owners, Jaime and Shea Conley live in the neighborhood and take pride in having a strong sense of community. MindRite runs a program in store where they compile their tips and turn them into donations. After a certain level is reached, the shop matches the tip amount and donates it to a local charity. They often take customer and employee suggestions as to where their donations can do the most good. They raised nearly double their anticipated goal while sponsoring an individual participating in a, “Walk to Defeat ALS....

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