Mexico’s March Toward Legalization is Thanks in Part to its Northern Neighbors

Mexico’s March Toward Legalization Is Thanks In Part To Its Northern Neighbors

Mexico is a place where you can find anything. It may take some hunting, but eventually you’ll find it. Such is the case with good weed and quality hemp products, a large portion of which are imported, both legally and illegally from the United States and Canada. Soon, the country may be given the go ahead to produce its own legal marijuana for personal use. Scientists are now on the side of medicinal marijuana. And earlier this year, Mexican Secretary of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid suggested that legalizing pot would help reduce crime in a country battling its worst homicide rates in years. Mexico’s stance on medical marijuana has been murky for at least a decade, when the government decriminalized “small amounts” of the substance for personal use in 2009. In 2015, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that it was legal to grow “mota” for personal use, though the ruling only pertained to four plaintiffs in a case regarding its medicinal use for children suffering from epilepsy, and...

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