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Medical Marijuana Likely Coming to West Virginia

Medical Marijuana Likely Coming To West Virginia

Certain southern states are on a roll vis-à-vis medical marijuana, and it’s a beautiful sight. West Virginia, whose slogan is “Wild and Wonderful,” just joined the club. A bill permitting doctors to recommend medical cannabis and to establish a regulatory system was just approved by the West Virginia House of Delegates. Senate President Mitch Carmichael said it is likely the Senate will concur with the legislation and send it to West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice, who also supports medical marijuana. The MMJ bill will license plant growers, processors and dispensaries for the sale of pills, oils, topical gels, dermal patches, liquids and oil that can be vaped. It does not authorize the dispensing of flowers for smoking. Originally introduced by Democratic Senator Richard Ojeda in the Senate where it was approved last week, the bill passed on Tuesday in a 76-24 vote. “The legislature has answered the prayers of many seriously ill West Virginians and their families,” said Matt...

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