Maryland Has First Case of Severe Bleeding From Synthetic Cannabis

Maryland Has First Case Of Severe Bleeding From Synthetic Cannabis

The state poison controlcenter has announced that Maryland has first case of severe bleeding from synthetic cannabis. The MarylandPoison Center at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy warned of the danger in a release on Thursday, April 5. Mayhem in Maryland According to the notice, the poison center is now investigating the case of a patient from central Maryland who experienced unexplained bleeding after using synthetic cannabis. The patient sought medical treatment and was subsequently hospitalized on April 3. The poison center is currently in the process of notifying healthcare professionals, emergency services personnel, and the public of the danger. Officials are now referring to the malady assynthetic cannabinoid-associated coagulopathy. Clinical symptoms include abnormal bruising and bleeding from the eyes, gums, and ears. Patients have also reported excessive menstrual bleeding, vomiting blood, and blood in urine or stool. Synthetic cannabis is a mixture of...

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