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Legalization Spelling Trouble for MMJ (But It’s Not All Bad)

Legalization Spelling Trouble For Mmj (But It’s Not All Bad)

Call us biased all you want, but it’s hard to find much wrong with marijuana legalization. Legal adult-use cannabis sales have been good for schools, good for the economy and good for social justice. Jobs have been created, potholes have been filled and teachers and police officers (how’s that for irony) have been hired or kept on the job thanks to tax revenue. Regulated and taxed cannabis sales haven’t caused a massive crime wave (sorry, Jeff Sessions), haven’t led to hordes of stoned teenagers dropping out of life (Instagram is a much bigger threat to society than weed) and haven’t led to dire political or social consequences for the lawmakers and citizens who supported them. About the only thing we can name that’s been actively and possibly harmed by recreational marijuana legalization is medical marijuana. Until recently, consuming, growing, and buying cannabis required a note from a physician and varying levels of state-mandated bureaucracy, depending on the state. As the Las...

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