Kelly Guava Jelly’s Jam: Finding Self-Care and Creativity in Seattle

Kelly Guava Jelly’s Jam: Finding Self Care And Creativity In Seattle

Stylista and creative goddess Karleen Ilagan, owner of Seattle’s Moksha boutique in the International District and yogini at Modo Yoga—how does she stay so DOPE? Well, this girl literally finds a balance in busy Emerald City.Karleen and I go back from some of our first days of college at the University of Washington. She saw the Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley posters in my dorm room—plus the Sublime t-shirt I was rocking—and we became instant friends and longtime roommates. I owe her for inspiring me to express my personal fashion choices—just step inside of Moksha and you’ll know what I mean. Thanks to her, I’m no longer wearing those band tees that were a staple my freshman year!You’re in for fun fashion and art at Moksha in the International District in Seattle.What are you up to tonight?Ding! A text message pops up on my phone from Karleen on a Friday evening.Darling! I start typing my response. No plans, should we make some?I’m closing Moksha in an hour, got membership at the Y,...

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