Is This Keanu Reeves Movie Character Stoned?

Keanu Reeves, a man who seems to embody the personification of zen if it were a walking, talking entity, was born September 2nd, 1964. Although he has brought a diverse array of characters to life throughout his 30+ year film career, he’s often thought of as having a somewhat typecast personality, a surfer dude-bro who enjoys chill vibes and sparking up a fat J. In reality, the Lebanon-born, Hawaii-raised Reeves is a humble man known for his incredible generosity, intelligence, and musical talents as well as his on-screen roles.

While there are numerous unconfirmed reports of Reeves’ enjoyment of cannabis in real life, he has been quoted as saying he doesn’t “really think of marijuana as a scourge on society,” which is good enough for me. So in honor of one of the most beloved working actors who’s brought us some of the most enjoyable, cerebral, action-packed, and just plain funny movies, we look back on Reeves’ expansive film career and determine whether some of his most iconic...

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