Have You Ever Seen Purple Dabs?

Over the last couple of years, rosin revolutionized the cannabis community as news of the simple “homemade hash” method spread like wildfire. Photo courtesy of @Chewberto420 Unlike the potentially hazardous and expensive equipment needed to create hydrocarbon extractions, rosin can be made with materials found around your house such as a hair straightener and some parchment paper.

If the craving for a dab hits but only flower can be found, a simple squish of that bud between parchment paper and a hair straightener will produce amazingly terpy rosin that is immediately dabbable. Fresh-squeezed dabs straight from the flower, anyone?! One of the most alluring aspects of cannabis is its innate diversity. For centuries, this healing herb has been crossbred hundreds of thousands of times, creating an extremely divergent range of characteristics and profiles. One of my personal favorite traits is cannabis with a high-presence of anthocyanins, which causes purple flowers. Anthocyanins are...

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