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GOP-led House Rules Committee blocks voting on marijuana amendments

Gop Led House Rules Committee Blocks Voting On Marijuana Amendments

Published: Sep 6, 2017, 10:21 pm • Updated: Sep 6, 2017, 10:40 pm By Aleta Labak, The Cannabist Staff The U.S. House Committee on Rules has blocked a number of marijuana-related amendments from a federal appropriations bill, including theRohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. The GOP-ledcommittee’s moves late Wednesday mean multiple amendments protecting existing and future state marijuana laws won’t be getting a vote on the House floor. The most notable measure cast out of the must-pass appropriations bill wastheRohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which would bar the Justice Department from using funds to interfere with existing state-enacted medical marijuana regulations. The amendment formerly known as Rohrabacher-Farr (Rep. Sam Farr has retired)has been in place since late 2014, when it received a 219-189 vote in the House, and was approved again in 2015, by a 242-186 vote. It has been extended through omnibus spending legislation set to expire at the end of this month. Related...

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