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Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Transitions to New Show

Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Transitions To New Show

Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Transitions to New Show On An Island with a Microphone Hold on—the cows are getting into the flowering cannabis plants. “No, really,” says Shango Los, host of the podcast Ganjapreneur. He’s recording the show in his home studio on a rural island southwest of Seattle, Washington. And his neighbor’s cows have wandered over yet again for shade, bird bath water and delicious flowers, though this is the first time they’ve gone after the marijuana. At this point, Los is midcareer with Ganjapreneur, a cannabis industry news and information company with more than 68,000 likes on Facebook. Los, the original host for the podcast, pulls tens of thousands of listeners to the show every week. He’s interviewed people like Ethan Russo, Steve DeAngelo and Jonah Tacoma. He’s seen entrepreneurs in this space—fighting to exist. But these are no ordinary entrepreneurs. These are cannabis lovers, and if there’s one thing those in the cannabis industry all have...

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