Florida Pols in No Hurry to Enact Medical Marijuana Regulations

Florida Pols In No Hurry To Enact Medical Marijuana Regulations

Marijuana reform proved to be wildly popular in Florida, where six million people—71 percent of voters—approved an initiative allowing for increased access to medical cannabis. Currently, Florida residents can get their hands on low or no-THC oil for epilepsy—and if someone is terminally ill, they’re allowed “full-strength” marijuana.That’s all supposed to change starting sometime afterJan. 3, when the state is supposed to start setting up a medical-marijuana industry. Emphasis on “supposed to,”because as the Tampa Bay Times points out, Florida state lawmakers have many other things they’d rather do. Getting rules for cannabis together is simply “not a top priority” for any of the state’s three most-powerful elected officials, the according to the newspaper.Not that that should be shocking. Neither Gov. Rick Scott nor Senate President Rick Scott said anything one way or the other about Amendment 2, which received more support on Election Day than any other marijuana-related ballot...

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