#End420Shame: To Smoke Or To Seize?

#End420 Shame: To Smoke Or To Seize?

Mylene Delaire is a cannabis advocate who works at Essence Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip—the first and only legal dispensary on Las Vegas Boulevard. She’s also the founder of a small non-profit called the Time Travelers Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting epilepsy and seizure awareness. Whenever someone speaks out against cannabis my first thought is, “I wonder if they’ve ever spoken to a user?” It only takes a few conversations with advocates to realize that all of the stigma and fear associated with cannabis is packed with misinformation. Cannabis has done so much good for so many people. All it takes is a willingness to keep an open mind and listen. Mylene Delaire was a 16-year-old girl just like any other, except that she suffered from epilepsy. At first, she only experienced one grand mal seizure a year, and so life was pretty normal—until it wasn’t. In May 2013, she had a grand mal seizure that sent her tumbling down the stairs. As a result of the fall,...

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