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Eight Unknowns About California’s MCRSA and Proposition 64

Eight Unknowns About California’s Mcrsa And Proposition 64

Since passage of theMedical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Actin California(“MCRSA”), our California cannabis attorneys have been getting calls nearly non-stop regarding what to do now to havea medical marijuana business later. Passage of Proposition 64, California’s legalization initiative, has only accelerated the questions onwhat to expectwhenCalifornia adds acomprehensive legal marijuana licensing system. Though the three bills that comprise the MCRSA and Proposition 64 lay the foundation for California’s future medical and recreational marijuana licensing systems, these laws are only the beginning. California’sBureau of Marijuana Control (“BMC”), and various other California state agencies grantedgoverning authority under these new laws will be filling in the blanks on the actual substance of all medical and recreational rules and enforcement. The below are the eight most relevant “blanks” for thoseplanning on having a California marijuana business:

Residency Requirements For...

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