Drug Decriminalization is Less Far-Fetched Than It Seems, Lawmakers Say

Drug Decriminalization Is Less Far Fetched Than It Seems, Lawmakers Say

Share Tweet Share PinWhen economist Jeffrey Miron from the libertarian think tank Cato Institute released a study on July 23, 2018, he highlighted the budgetary gains that could come from legalizing all drugs. Headlines focused on the eye-popping dollar amounts in the report, “The Budgetary Effects of Ending Drug Prohibition:”

Libertarian Think Tank Estimates $106 Billion in Revenue if US Legalized Marijuana — and Cocaine and Heroin, Too – Marijuana.com Legalizing Drugs Would Boost US Budgets By $100 Billion, Harvard Researcher Concludes – Marijuana Moment Legalizing All Drugs Would Raise $100 Billion for U.S., Says Harvard Economist – Merry Jane

Many outlets, including this one, also squirmed at the report’s suggestion that heroin and cocaine also be legalized, a bold statement coming from an organization with deeply conservative roots. The Cato Institute has alternately been funded by or been feuding with the Koch brothers, who support many conservative and libertarian political...

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