Donald Trump Teases Support for Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill

Donald Trump Teases Support For Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill

Just one day after Sens. Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren formally announced a bi-partisan bill to protect states’ rights to legalize cannabis, President Donald Trump hinted he might support the legislation if it can clear Congress. The President’s comment is, in fact, the third he has made in reference to Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s idea for a “states’ rights” approach to marijuana legalization. And now that the legislation is officially in the pipeline, Trump’s latest remarks suggest he hasn’t withdrawn his support. Sen. Gardner Is Keeping Pressure On Trump To Support A States’ Rights Approach To Cannabis Legalization Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner opposed his state’s efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis. But in a recent interview with NBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Gardner acknowledged that “there’s no going back” on the issue of legalization. Recognizing Coloradans’ desire for a legal and regulated cannabis program, Gardner teamed up with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to launch...

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