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Disney World Officially Bans Marijuana

Disney World Officially Bans Marijuana

Share Tweet Share PinWalt Disney World just banned marijuana from its parks, according to their official website:

While “illegal substances” and “alcohol” have long been prohibited from passing through the magical gates of WaltWorld, the specific addition of “marijuana” is a new development. The recent change could be a response to Florida’s legalization of medical marijuana in November, which was approved by an exceedingly wide margin.

There are a few reasons why banning marijuana from Disney World is a problem. First and foremost, if the state of Florida recognizes cannabis as legal and effective medicine, then who is Disney, besides a private company operating within their legal rights, to pick and choose which forms of legal medicine they let in? There are states now allowing children with medical marijuana prescriptions to be administered medicine on school grounds. Wereached out to Disney for comment and to see if their ban was limited to flower specifically.

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