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Did Congress Leave These 2 States Open to a Medical Marijuana Crackdown?

Did Congress Leave These 2 States Open To A Medical Marijuana Crackdown?

Legally speaking, nowhere in America is medical marijuana more at risk of falling victim to a Donald Trump-led federal crackdown than in Indiana and North Dakota. Not that there’s much in the way of medical cannabis in either state at the moment—or any legal marijuana all, really. The two red states are very recent converts: North Dakota has just begun to try to figure out how to deliver medical marijuana to the voters who approved it at the ballot on Election Day—with the first legal crop available to no more than a few thousand patients, and that isin a year’s time or more. And in Indiana, home state of Vice President Mike Pence—where the mere sight of legally purchased marijuana edibles sets off a regional panic and where the ACLU has to become involved just so local marijuana activists can have a rally—Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has just signed into law a bill allowing CBD products only (which is to say that Texas is further along on medical weed than Indiana). But since both...

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