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DEA Announces It Won’t Be Rescheduling Marijuana

Dea Announces It Won’t Be Rescheduling Marijuana

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced this morning that marijuana will remain a Schedule I substance—continuing its classification alongside drugs such as heroin and dismissing the plant’s medicinal value. According to the DEA, marijuana maintaining this classification means it has, “No currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”. While the DEA remains stagnant in its thinking with scheduling, it announced it will allow additional institutions to apply for FDA-approved research. Currently, the University of Mississippi holds the only approved license for studying cannabis, where the National Institute on Drug Abuse is at the helm of research being conducted. United States Representative Earl Blumenauer—the Oregon politician known for unapologetic cannabis advocacy—said the following in his press release on the topic: “I welcome the decision to lessen barriers to medical marijuana research. More than half the states—and counting—have legalized some form...

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