D.C. cannabis crusader moves to Maryland to take on marijuana nemesis, Rep. Andy Harris

D.C. Cannabis Crusader Moves To Maryland To Take On Marijuana Nemesis, Rep. Andy Harris

Adam Eidinger may be Washington’s best-known cannabis crusader. He led a successful campaign to decriminalize possession and private use of small amounts of pot. He held a smoke-in outside the White House that featured a 51-foot replica of a joint. And he’s been arrested nearly two dozen times. But Eidinger says he reached the limit of what he can do as a resident of the District of Columbia. Which is why he has moved to Maryland, where he wants to oust Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., the staunch anti-statehood lawmaker known for blocking full legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington. Eidinger is backing Allison Galbraith, one of four Democrats competing to challenge Harris, who is seeking a fifth term in November. The 44-year-old activist is renting a three-bedroom townhouse in downtown Salisbury, Maryland, which he’ll use as a base for a volunteer-driven effort to register 10,000 voters. “Politics has turned on you, now you have to turn on politics,” Eidinger said,...

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