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Customs Agents Find Coffin Packed with 67 Pounds of Pot in Back of Hearse

Customs Agents Find Coffin Packed With 67 Pounds Of Pot In Back Of Hearse

“Don’t you laugh as the hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die…” or get busted near Tombstone, Arizona with a bunch of weed in a casket. Yes, that happened. The driver of a shiny white hearse, one young gringo whose name has not been released, could not get his story straight when he was stopped by Willcox Border Patrol agents near the aptly named city of Tombstone. Photo Courtesy of CBP Arizona via Twitter So the agents decided to do something most funeral directors would not recommend: they opened the casket. In a macabre discovery—well, maybe not for a border agent—there was no corpse inside, but rather 67 pounds of weed covered in manure to mask the smell. Wouldn’t a fragrant embalming oil have been more appropriate and certainly less obvious? At least try to confuse the canine unit that was brought in after agents noted “inconsistencies” in the man’s story. Photo Courtesy of CBP Arizona via Twitter The hearse driver, 28, apparently hadn’t thought of that in his haste...

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