Colorado Senate Passes First-in-Nation Cannabis Clubs Bill

Colorado Senate Passes First In Nation Cannabis Clubs Bill

DENVER — The Colorado Senate on Thursday passed a first-in-the-nation bill expressly permitting marijuana clubs. But Gov. John Hickenlooper is hinting that he’ll veto the measure unless it bans indoor smoking.

The bill allows local jurisdictions to permit bring-your-own cannabisclubs, as long as those establishments don’t serve alcohol or any food beyond light snacks. The bill doesn’t say whether those clubs could allow people to smoke indoors. That means it would be possible for a membership club that is closed to the public and has no more than three employees to permit indoor cannabissmoking. Sponsors say the bill is necessary because Colorado already has a network of underground, unregulated clubs, and towns aren’t sure how to treat them. Cannabisclubs could help alleviate complaints that Colorado’s sidewalks and public parks have been inundated with marijuanasmoke since the state legalized recreational cannabisin 2012. RELATED STORYWhere Can I Smoke Legally in a Legal State? “...

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