Colorado Freakout: Governor Declares Marijuana a “Clear and Present Danger”

Colorado Freakout: Governor Declares Marijuana A “Clear And Present Danger”

On the subject of his state’s nation-leading experiment with legalized adult-use marijuana, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has been reliably erratic.Voter-approved legalization was “reckless…to a certain extent,” the governor once said, adding he wouldn’t do it again if he could, before coming around to say—hey!—legalization “might work” and that he wouldn’t change course if gifted a time machine and perfect foresight. (Amazing how a flood of tax revenue and a recovered real estate sector can change your outlook on things.)But the winds have changed again for Hickenlooper, who on Monday declared that gray-market marijuana presents a “clear and present danger” to his state.By “gray market,” Hickenlooper means any marijuana that’s grown legally—or at least with the appearance of legality—and then sold illegally.To combat this scourge, Hickenlooper is asking state lawmakers for $16 million in marijuana taxes to fund “law enforcement investigations and prosecutions,” according to the...

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