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Closer to the Sun: At The World’s Highest Commercial Greenhouse

Closer To The Sun: At The World’s Highest Commercial Greenhouse

There’s a sea on top of a mountain. The highest commercial cannabis greenhouse in the world is in Leadville, Colo., elevation 10,152 feet—nearly two miles high. Inside is a sea of cannabis—a sea of green—a grow nearly as pretty as the mountains that amphitheater around it, the tallest in the Rockies, soaring 14,439 feet. The sun is literally brighter here. The air lighter. Next to the peaks, everything looks small. Which is why I’d come, I’d been super stressed. Months after my scooter wreck, the insurance company was still dithering, my back still hurt, and the Denver Nuggets’ backcourt was still hopeless. So I decided to take a trip and get high. Literally. “We’re as high as you can legally get,” said Andrea Mascarenas, manager of Nature’s Spirit, a high-quality Leadville shop with excellent Flo, “Come try.” To get to Leadville, no matter where you start from—usually Breckenridge or Vail—you point your car upward, like a fighter off the deck of an aircraft carrier, and pass...

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