Cannabis Election Results: Oregon Had a Few, Too

Cannabis Election Results: Oregon Had A Few, Too

November 8 was an historic day for cannabis legalization in the United States, with legalization initiatives winning out across the country. Eight of the nine major ballot measures passed from coast to coast, and with programs coming online even in traditionally red states like North Dakota and Arkansas, it is clear that cannabis is now a mainstream, bi-partisan issue. People are fed up with prohibition; the country is going green.Unfortunately for cannabis advocates, the presidential election results overshadowed the big wins for cannabis to some extent. Whether or not you believe a Trump administration will attempt to rein in state-level programs, there was a much smaller spotlight on the national stage for cannabis wins than expected. As far as a spotlight for smaller pot advances — like the number of new Oregon cities and counties overthrowing pot bans — we barely heard a peep.So, we are here to catch you up on what happened with Oregon cannabis last week. Around 60 Oregon...

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