Canadians Want Ottawa to Erase Cannabis Convictions

Canadians Want Ottawa To Erase Cannabis Convictions

According to a poll by The Globe and Mail/Nanos Research, 62% of Canadians support or somewhat support a pardon for every person with a criminal record for cannabis possession. In comparison, 35% of respondents said they oppose or somewhat oppose the idea.

The Canadian federal government introduced legislation last month that aimed to legalize cannabis by July 2018. Despite widespread pressure, so far the government has refused to call on law enforcement to stop charging civilians with simple possession while the legislation makes its way through parliament. In an interview last month with Vice Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the current system was unfair. He acknowledged that vulnerable and marginalized Canadians are more likely to end up with criminal records than those from more privileged backgrounds. RELATED STORY5 Things Trudeau’s Cannabis Interview Made Clear “We’ll take steps to look at what we can do for those folks who have criminal records for something that...

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