Canada Holds Historic Vote on Federal Cannabis Legalization Today

Canada Holds Historic Vote On Federal Cannabis Legalization Today

Canada expects to hold a historic vote on federal cannabis legalization today. The country’s Senate is currently debating Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, and has scheduled a vote for sometime Thursday. If Senators adopt the measure, it would make Canada the first G7 nation to legalize marijuana. Senators have been debating the legislation for six months. So far, they have approved more than 40 amendments to the bill. MPs in the House of Commons, who passed the original bill in 2017, will then get a chance to ratify the amendments. Once it receives approval there, the bill could receive Royal Assent and become law within days. However, a failure to approve the amendments in the House of Commons could delay the legislation for months. Bill Could Be Boon for Canada’s Economy Robert McIntyre, the chief financial officer of Salvation Botanicals, sees great opportunity for the Canadian economy with the bill. Salvation is a licensed cannabis business located on Vancouver Island, B.C. The...

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