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California Will Fight Feds on Cannabis

California Will Fight Feds On Cannabis

Bears are tough animals, and California will fight hard for its cannabis laws. Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated during a press conference that we should expect to see greater federal enforcement against recreational marijuana use and in the following days the cannabis industry had a lot to say in response. Representatives from several states, including Washington, have spoken out against potential federal enforcement, saying they will fight any attempts by the federal government to interfere with their legalized marijuana systems. We want to assure you that California is ready to fight back as well. (Though not everyone in California is on the same side; we’re looking at you San Bernardino City Council.) The day after Secretary Spicer’s statements, Californiaelected officials announced that they were preparing for a potential showdown in the courts andCongress to defend recreational cannabis under Proposition 64, which the state’s voters passed in...

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