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BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Sessions Named as AG: Doom for Pot?

Breaking News: Jeff Sessions Named As Ag: Doom For Pot?

It looks like President-elect Trump intends to name Senator Jeff Sessions as his new Attorney General. As I mentioned in the last post about Trump’s pot policy, Sessions has been hostile to marijuana for a long time. Here is a general flavor of Sessions talking about marijuana:Not very encouraging. So where does that leave us? Just because Sessions doesn’t like marijuana does not automatically mean increased law enforcement action against it. Any federal attempt to roll back cannabis’s big gains would be incredibly unpopular politically, and it seems Sessions wants to focus on national security, terrorism, and immigration as his primary areas of focus. He may rant and rave against marijuana, but actions speak loudest, and taking action may be too costly.Sessions is also limited in what he can do, so long as the federal spending bill says that the federal government cannot spend money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.Still, that means recreational laws and people that...

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