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Arkansas as a Cannabis Tipping Point

Arkansas As A Cannabis Tipping Point

Of the many states that voted on marijuana reforms in 2016, Arkansas –#40 in our State of Cannabis series – is for methe most intriguing. This November Arkansasvoters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution to allow medical marijuana use by qualified patients and to authorize medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis cultivation facilities for that purpose. The ballot measure, known alternatively as Issue 6 and as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, passed by a 53% to 47% vote. This is an almost exact reversal of the vote that rejected a different medical marijuana initiative in 2012.Issue 6 is fairly progressive, at least by the standards of some states’ very restrictive medical marijuana laws. Qualifying conditions for cannabis in Arkansas include a long list of afflictions, including catch-all categories for ailments that cause chronic pain, nausea, seizures, or muscle spasms. The amendment authorizes use of cannabis flower, vapor, wax, and oil by qualified...

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