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America’s Top 10 Most Drugged-Out States

America’s Top 10 Most Drugged Out States

My fellow Americans, we are a sad bunch. We are fat, we are unhealthy, we are poor and we are in pain—and all this was true before the subprime meltdown and subsequent Great Recession. Over the last decade, seven million people have lost their jobs and their homes, 24/7 Wall Street recently reminded us, but it’s much worse than that. With each layoff and foreclosure, the lives of countless more dependents are thrown into disorder and disarray. This mass evaporation of wealth means a vast lack of self-worth. Hard to compete in a consumerist society when you can no longer consume. Out of this new emptiness sprang Donald Trump’s belligerent brand of populism, but before we turned to mean Tweets and Pepe memes, Americans turned to booze and pills to mask their physical and mental pain, or just for a dopamine kick when nothing else was working. Use of mind-altering drugs hit a 10-year high in 2014. Almost 19 percent of Americans drink alcohol or use some kind of “mood-altering substance...

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