Academy Dedicated to Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors in… Texas?

Academy Dedicated To Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors In… Texas?

A new school dedicated to cannabis science is getting ready to open in, of all places, Texas. The Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science has begun enrolling students for classes beginning August 4. Co-owner Holly Law explained that her company is part of a franchise network that is opening schools across the country. She toldHigh Times that the parent company, Pharmacology University, recognized a need for cannabis education during its more than 10 years in the field. “They realized as they were in this industry that there was a lack of education,” she said. “And wherever they went, people were desperate for it. They started having seminars on the weekend, but people wanted more and more, so they developed the academy.” Schools are set to open in several more states this summer. In addition to Texas, Law said there will also be academies in Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arkansas.

The Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science will begin operations...

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