A Stoner’s Guide to Amazon Alexa

A Stoner’s Guide To Amazon Alexa

Share Tweet Share PinDisclaimer: Let me preface this whole article by saying I’m aware that one could argue it paints thepicture of a lifestyle filled with extreme leisure. That argument would be correct, no shame here. I enthusiastically embrace technology to benefit my level of comfort whenever possible. So, to make it easy on everyone and not come off as a total loser to you Sativa aficionados of the world, here’s a selectionofmotivating articles about “running” and “being active” — if you’re into that sort of thing:

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Ok, everyone, they’re gone. Settle into your favorite spot on the couch that’s within shouting distance of your in-home CIA data collection device Amazon Alexa personal assistant. Make sure it’s plugged in and you have all your smoking necessities, including snacks, within arm’s reach. I’ll wait, go ahead — yes, grab the extra can of butane, there’s an Alexa skill that...

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