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6 Gorgeous Cannabis Art Pieces That Go Beyond Tie-Dye

6 Gorgeous Cannabis Art Pieces That Go Beyond Tie Dye

According toVictor Pinchuk, the famous Ukrainian philanthropist, “Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”

Artistic expression is of utmost importance, especially within ourfast-paced, tech-forward present day society, and for centuries people have turned to cannabis to enhance their creative flow. Cannabis’s cerebral qualities mayplay a role in music,art—eventhe writing of Alice in Wonderland.Steppingoutside the stereotypes of tie-dye, smiley faces, and stony pot leaves, we took alook at the wildly wonderful and magnetic world of cannabis-inspired art. RELATED STORYMotivate Your Mind and Try These Three Simple Activities Take a pause to soak in both the work and imagination that have gone into thewhimsical creations below. Have your own cannabis-inspired artwork? Drop your pictures in the comments!

Spaceman (Pancho Vásquez) Created by the talented Pancho Vásquez, Spaceman is a detailed and intriguing piece paying homage to cannabis and the “final...

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