5 Cannabis Sex Gifts for Your Loved One This Holiday

5 Cannabis Sex Gifts For Your Loved One This Holiday

It’s the end of the year and folks are scrambling to find the right gifts for the special people in their lives. For those of us who are cannabis-friendly, the gift of a favorite strain seems like an obvious choice. But for a bit of a surprise, here’s a list that includes some of my preferred cannabis products (and paraphernalia) as well as my top recommendations for toys and lubes for everyone. I’ve intentionally chosen items that can be used by a wide variety of bodies for a multitude of experiences. 1. Swan Wand Rechargeable Vibrator The Swan Wand is a fantastic all-purpose toy. It’s great for massages — intimate or otherwise — especially when paired with a cannabis topical or lubricant! It also has a powerful motor with deep, rumbly vibrations that will stimulate your nerves in ways you never imagined. 2. Mad Toto Case 2.0 Glass Storage This one’s for the clumsy cannabis enthusiast. I do not leave the house without my Mad Toto 2.0 case. I keep my small pipe, lighter, and buds...

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