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4/20 is Cheap, the Weed War is Expensive.

4/20 Is Cheap, The Weed War Is Expensive.

CANNABIS CULTURE- Media coverage of Vancouver’s 4/20 protest festival is very different from that given to every other event in the city. While stories about festivals like Vaisakhi or the Pride Parade focus on the revenues generated by local businesses and the economic benefits these community events bring, our cannabis event s viciously attacked in the media as some kind of drain on civic resources. Yet in fact the complete opposite is true. BC’s cannabis industry is one of our province’s biggest economic engines. The cannabis industry and associated businesses employ hundreds of thousands of people across the province, bringing wealth and prosperity to many rural and urban communities. Without the strength of their local cannabis industry, many regions of our province would have long since become destitute ghost towns. The real waste of money is not the trivial amount spent hosting the 4/20 protest festival once a year. The true drain on city resources is the massive cost of...

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