Denver: No Bars Allowed in Marijuana Social Use Experiment—Laundromats OK

Denver: No Bars Allowed In Marijuana Social Use Experiment—Laundromats Ok

Although many expected bar and restaurants would be some of the first businesses to take advantage of Denver’s new social marijuana consumption law—an experiment approved under Initiative 300—state officials recently revealed that these types of establishments will actually be banned from catering to the stoner culture.According to a report from the Denver Post, a brand spanking new provision was put into place last Friday that will prevent the food and beverage industry from capitalizing on legal marijuana. The latest rule, which is set to take effect at the beginning of the year, was designed to disqualify those operations that hold a liquor license from becoming one of the public places throughout Denver proper where people are permitted to smoke weed.While the passing of the rule is being considered a “let down” by some supporters of Initiative 300, others close to the situation have been aware of the state’s desire to impose such a provision for several months. The Liquor...

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