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Rudy ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Giuliani Named for Cabinet Post

Rudy ‘Stop And Frisk’ Giuliani Named For Cabinet Post

Former New York City mayor and current full-time Trump-boosterRudolph Giulianiis now a top contender to be secretary of state in the new administration, Trump campaign officials told the New York Timeson Tuesday. The account noted that Giuliani has invokedhis moment of glory in the aftermath of 9-11, and his former work as a federal prosecutor, to givehim credibility as arepresentative of the United States on the world stage. During his own abortive presidential run in 2008, he boasted at a Republican primary debate in New Hampshire: “I am the only one here who actually has had to face an Islamic terrorist attack. With regard to foreign policy, I’ve negotiated with governments when I was in the Justice Department. I worked on a task force on terrorism in the 1970s.”The report also noted that after leaving City Hall, Giuliani opened a security-consulting firm (modestly namedGiuliani Partners), which has won contracts in several countries around the world.National Public Radiolast...

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